A simply elegant social networking site, for all those that wish to join it.
(Beta) Social Community.

Who we are

We're some of those people that you see that get tired of social networks that restrict it's users way too much, we're just like you.


We're here to make your lives easier on social media.


Our staff members are trusted members like any other member, to learn more about them click the "Learn more" button.

What we do

Here's a little bit about what we of FYV (Futayuriverse) do for you the members.


We ensure that all the code that is used for our website(s) are updated and secure to use before updating our site(s).


Our community is one of a kind, you'll enjoy yourself meeting new people and speaking your mind.


Our Q&A website is one of the best places to ask questions on Anime, General topics, and a lot of other things.

Windows App

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Android App

To use the app please download and install Humhub App.
(Note: This is not an offical HumHub App!)

iOS App

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