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Born in Sacramento, California, learning to read at age 3, deciding to become a writer at age 6, she struggled for a long time because although she could see her visions, she could not put them into words the way she was proud of.

Finally, after a lifetime of gathering the tools she needed, she has finally come into her own and begun releasing stories like you have never read before! She will surprise you, excite you, scare you and thrill you with every single turn of the page! Yuri Futanari is a radical break from stereotypical writers, forming a brand new genre you have never before experienced! She has worked hard to bring you the stories from the PERSONAL points of view, in CREDIBLE and REALISTIC settings you the reader can truly relate to, while introducing you to characters you truly never knew existed. She will show you their hearts, their struggles, their fears and their triumphs in vivid colors that you never before knew existed in ANY rainbow! Focusing on the topic of "Futa-Yuri Romance", she does not offer you short, cheap, empty pornography, but long, deep, rich, rewarding, even breathtaking adventures into true love and real romance, often mingled with mystery, suspense, action, fantasy and so much more! "Futa-Yuri Romance" is a brand new genre that this author alone has formed and moulded out of pure story crafting magic, totally unlike any other type of story you ever have, or ever will read for the rest of your life!

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"Bunny Love" ("Songs of Love" Book 1)

Jacqueline "Bunny" Shunokoi is unlike any other girl you will EVER meet! 14 years old, Rich, bodacious, sings like an angel, and legally blind... Margret "No Regrets" Cooper is 18, big, imposing, downright scary to look at, and leads a gothic metal band called "Bleeding Cyanide" Does a girl as lovely as "Bunny" HAVE to be 'blind' to love somebody as homely as Marge? Does Marge have what it takes to live up to the Shunokoi family legacy? What dangers lie in wait for these two young and ambitious singers within the hidden recesses of the seedy underside of the entertainment industry?

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A Matter of Love and Hayate (International Hayate Book 1)

The year is 2031 and Japan finds its self in the throes of a civil war. Eitiisha Fujimoto, a proudly raised warrior of the Fujimoto clan is pulled directly from highschool and thrown into full scale war. Skip ahead eleven years and she is now a Lieutenant, an up-and-coming no nonsense officer who runs a successful company with the lowest mortality rate in the war. As she battles treacherous people seeking to sink her beloved nation into communism, a highly unlikely person comes to her aide, and into her life. Qingjing Feng, also known affectionately as Hayate, a small, dedicated but mysterious Chinese national has swum all the way across the sea from mainland China to fight by the side of her heroine, Eitiisha Fujimoto, an already famous fighter of the South Japanese Defense Force. Follow them through harrowing events, tears, trials and temptations as they grow spiritually closer together and yet physically further apart as they are tossed to and fro like foam upon the tides of war.

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Raging Angel (Heaven's Wars Book 1)

Piko was her nickname, and the only name she ever knew since the death of her mother nine years ago. With her small village on the far edge of civilization, lodged between a vast swamp on one side and endless rice paddies and peat bogs, it was far from the majority of bandit raids, but not far enough, nor was it defended. The raiders would come nearly every fall it seemed, raiding, pillaging and burning, causing hardships, pain and loss of life due to starvation. Growing up on the edge of the world where one had to defend themselves, she was a tough young woman who knew full well how to fight hard and work hard, but with the advent of the iron armor clad bandits, it was getting too much even for this spry young tomboy and all around ruffian! Finally, at age fourteen, the spry and spunky redhead had had enough. She made an offering to the gods pleading for protection. And boy did they answer her plea! When the angel finally appeared, it was right at the time of the end of the fall rice harvest when the raiders were preparing to make their best haul of the year. The angel passed judgment on the bandits in a most brutal manner. Not a one of them made it out alive. Fear spread throughout the land and the bandits decided to avoid the village, which made life much easier for one and all. But just when it seemed things were heading toward a happy ending, the angel declares that Piko must leave her happy home and go on a great inquest, and she won't even tell the girl why, only saying she may never see her beloved home again. Follow the young sake seller and her personal angel as she learns about the world, life and love 'angel style' as she battles villains, discovers her true past, her true identity and her true destiny decreed from the of time.

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